Monster marketing

We will work to make sure your event vision comes to life in the way you envision it. We will work from the ground up first conducting the full brand engineering and marketing communications. We will then create and execute the right channel marketing strategy to make sure to generate the right awareness and engagement from your targeted audience.

Brand Engineering

Our dedicated creative team and brand strategists will make sure we create a strong brand identity as well as brand visuals and brand language that will be consistant and applicable across all marketing communication outlets.

We engineer brands to make sure they have the ability for growth and expansion and have everything needed to grow.

Web Design & Development

We will create full responsive website design that will fit your event theme and make sure to attract and engage your audience to create an action.
Once design is approved we will develop into our customized Content Management System to allow you full control of editing and modifying content on the website.

Campaigns & Messaging

We will create campaigns and messaging to be utilized for your marketing and promotion of your event to make sure we create messaging and visuals that will connect with your target audience.

It is important to make sure the messaging is created in such a way to generate the best possible response from your target audience and this is what we specialize in.

Banner Production

We will produce the campaigns into all of the necessary sizes and mediums to be utilized for marketing and promoting your event.

We work with all the standard sizes and formats as well as the best practices to make sure the banners perform to their best ability.

Video Production

We can produce quality videos production of your event to make sure the event will be always remembered and that you can utilize for promotion of the event in future.

We can also conduct live streaming of the event via YouTube and other formats to provide live event feeds where needed.

Channel Marketing

We will utilize very targeted digital marketing channels to make sure we connect with the right audience at the right place and the right time.

We offer Search, Displa, Social, Mobile, Video & Behavioural marketing as we know it is cost effective and it works. We do cooperate with other traditional firms to make sure if you do want to utilize offline marketing that everything is in sync.

Need an easy way to create, promote and manage your event?

We have a customized cloud based solution to solve all your event problems.

Create your event

We will help you plan and strategize your event to make sure we have the best chance to succeed.

Promote your event

We will help build the necessary brand and marcoms to then be able to promote the event.

Manage your event

Our cloud based technology platform will be able to handle both online and on-site activity.

Our marketing event solutions

Our marketing event features are listed below:

Brand Naming & Identity

We will help choose the right name for the targeted audience and build an identity to engage our audience.

Brand Visuals & Language

Once we have the brand identity we ca continue to the brand visuals and brand language to be created.

Brand Environment

We take the briefing from the brand and create the event theme and environment working with production.

web design
Web Design & Development

We offer fully responsive web deisgn and development to make sure there is a seamless user experience.

Campaign Messaging

Every event needs promotional campaigns and messaging to help get the right message out there.

Banner Production

We can produce and deliver all the banner production and resizing for all standard banner sizes.

Video Production

We can offer high quality filming and production for both promotional videos as well as live streaming.

Search Marketing

We utilze very targeted and event optimized search marketing to find the right audience within search.

Display Marketing

We will utilize smart display advertising to target the ideal targeted customer segment for your event.

Social Marketing

We will utilize social media marketing to spread the work across all social platforms needed.

Mobile Marketing

We will utilize targeted mobile advertising to get the right audience to our mobile friendly event website.

Behavioural Marketing

We have a very smart behavioural marketing targeting solution that can work great for any event.

marketing marketing marketing
Create your event

We will work with you to create the best possible identity to engage your target audience.

Promote your event

We will create the marketing communications and and channel marketing activity for the event.

Optimize your event

We can analyze and optimize marketing activity via our analytics dashboard and reports.

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