Monster strategy

We will work with you to make sure all the right questions are answered in order to create a monster event. Our team of event specialists and analysts will be ready to help you complete the necessary planning and strategy needed for your event.

Value Proposition

In this segment we need to answer the value that we will be creating for the audience that would attend the event. What problem or challenge are we solving and or how will we be satisfying our target audience.

What will be the bundle of offering at the event that will appeal to the target audience and howe can we make sure that we can deliver the minimum viable product that will engage the audience.

Customer Segments

Which is the audience that we are creating value for the specific event and who are the most important customers that we need to focus on whether it may be attendees or sponsors.
What the the customer archetypes and demographics and how can we be as specific possible for targeting our specific customer segment.

Cost & Revenue Streams

What are the most important costs inherent to our business model.

What are the key resources and what will be the costs attributed.
What will our targeted customer segments pay for attending the event or sponsoring/exhibiting at the event. What will be the revenue model and pricing strategy for these segments.

Key Resources

What are the key resources that will be needed in order to stay true to our core value propositions.

What key resources will we need for our distribution channels, customer relationships and revenue streams.

Key Activities

What key activities do our value propositions require as well as our distribution channels.

What are the key activities that we will need for our customer relationships and revenue streams.

Key Partnerships

Who are the key partners we have or will need in order to create a successful event. Who will be our key suppliers for creating and producing the event.

What key activities are we acquiring from our partners and what will be the actual activities in which they will perform.

Need an easy way to create, promote and manage your event?

We have a customized cloud based solution to solve all your event problems.

Create your event

We will help you plan and strategize your event to make sure we have the best chance to succeed.

Promote your event

We will help build the necessary brand and marcoms to then be able to promote the event.

Manage your event

Our cloud based technology platform will be able to handle both online and on-site activity.

Our strategic event solutions

Our strategic and advisory event features are listed below:

Value Proposition

In this section we need to cover the main value proposition that will engage the targeted event audience.

customer segments
Customer Segments

We will cover the main audiences that have the potential to react and engage with our value proposition.

Marketing Channels

We will place all the marketing channels that will be utilized to promote the event.

key resources
Key Resources & Activities

We will list all the major resources, suppliers and activities that will be needed to create the event.

cost and revenue
Cost & Revenue

We will outline the estimated cost and revenue streams to calculate the viability of the event.

event location
Event Location

Based on the customer segment we will decide the ultimate location to create the event.

floor plan
Floorplan Planning

Our strategic team have conducted many events and understand how best to build a functioning floorplan.

Entertainment Planning

Our team can help prepare and deliver entertainment options for your events target audience.

Sponsorship Planning

We will help plan and create the sponsorship packages and documentation needed for your event.

Agenda Planning

Our team can help plan the schedule and agenda for your event to make sure it is structured correctly.

Event Budgeting

As we will make sure to build the right financial foundation and infrastructure we can help build the budget.

ROI Forecasting

We have a system to help create ROI Forecasting that is viable and based on metrics that we know work.

services services services
Your event business canvas

Each of our clients choosing our strategic solutions will get their very own event model canvas.

We collaborate together

We will utilize the canvas as a way to collaborate together and plan the event in a strategic way.

Full reporting and financials

Once we complete the event business model canvas we will have high level event financial reporting and numbers.

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