Monster technology

We offer a cloud based event content management and customer relationship system as well as on-site registration and display units that are connected and fully integrated with your customer data and audience.
This gives you full transparency and control of your event audience as well as your registration and communication outlets at your event.

Online Registration

Our cloud based customer relationship management system allows you to offer paid and free registration for your event that includes the ability to send barcode and for the attendee to collect badge with barcode, email or full name.

You will have full access and reporting on all your registration attendee data which will allow you to have full control and transparency of your registered users.

On-Site Registration

We offer the fastest most efficient on-site registration system that allows you to connect your database of registrations to offering your attendees the ability to collect their badge by simply providing their barcode, email or full name.
No more long queues you can now relax and know that all your attendees will be able to visit your event and get their badge with no hasle or issues.

Payment API Integration

We are able to integrate any payment processing company with an API. We offer large payment providers already connected such as PayPal, Braintree, SafeCharge and UPG.

You will be able to charge your attendees if needed with seperate categories which allows you to fully control the level of pricing by attendee category type.

Content Management System

Our cloud based content management system allows you to edit, change or modify any content that is displayed within your event site.

This gives you the control and flexibility to make sure the event site is dynamic and up to date.

Customer Relationship Management

Our cloud based customer relationship management system allows you to have full access and control with all your suppliers, sponsors, exhibitors and more in one panel that allows you to have full access and connection to these vital associates.

Our system is flexible enough to be customized if any specific segments are needed to be added to help you with your system.

Analytics & ROI Dashboard

Since we have all the data coming into the content management system we are now able to generate great analytic reports that can show you a plethora of reports on your attendees as well as revenues and costs from your marketing, suppliers and production.

We know the importance of data and analytics and we make sure to provide the best possible reporting metrics needed to measure, analyze and optimize your event.

Our technology event solutions

Our technology event features are listed below:

Single & Group Registration

We can offer both single and group paid and free registration as well as database management.

Attendee Categories

Our technology can support multiple categories and seperate pricing for each category.

Payment API Integration

We offer integration with any payment processing currently we have PayPal, BrainTree, SafeCharge & UPG.

Interactive Floor Plan

Our technology can create interactive floor plans with ease no more complicated system to be used.

multiple events
Multi Event Management

Our system has the ability to add events easily so when you expand you cam just add an event to the system.

Speakers & Panelists

Utilize our cloud based content management system to edit and modify speakers and panelists in realtime.

SMS Alert Notification System

Communicate directly with your event database by SMS with automated alerts or direct push notifications.

Unlimited User Access

We'll be adding some new stuff to make it even more awesome, if you have any idea please let us know.

on-site floor plan
On-Site Digital Floor Plan

Our systems are all connected and alligned allowing for us to be able to offer digital floor plan units.

on-site agenda
On-Site Digital Agenda

We can connect directly to digital displays around the event for better communication and information.

On-Site Registration

Our on-site regitration system is the fastest and most efficient in the industry no delays no queues.

ROI & Analytics Dashboard

Our technology will report and show you all the analytics and statistics needed for your ROI analysis.

tech tech tech
Online registration

We will utilize our registration technology to allow for paid and free attendees.

Digital display

With our fully integrated technology and communications we can display multiple units across the event.

On-site registration

As all data is within the cloud based platform you can offer attendees ability to print badges easily.

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